Thousands of condos, apartments and homes planned for Escondido

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Strong economy pushing home-building projects in city’s core and rural areas.
By J. Harry Jones /
April 21, 2019

A decade ago, as the Great Recession was taking hold, there were “zero” residential building projects going on or even being considered in Escondido.

Today, as the economy hums and the need for housing is on the tips of the tongues of local leaders and business officials, the opposite is the case. Thousands of condos, apartments and homes are either being built or are far into the planning process.

“During the recession, we had zero residential projects underway,” said Escondido Community Development Director Bill Martin. “Now, we are predominately residential projects. And that’s where we need to be. We’re in a housing crisis.”

The following are brief updates on big housing projects in Escondido, plus an innovative church project along Grand:

Safari Highlands Ranch, a project calling for the construction of 550 luxury homes in a gated community in the hills above the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park in the San Pasqual Valley, is undergoing a re-branding as Concordia Homes responds to city and neighbor concerns in hopes of winning approval from the City Council.